BY ASAP SKINNY ON March 08, 2016


Detox teas help cleanse your body of bad toxins that are stored in your liver, kidneys, and intestines. One of the main roles of a good detox tea is to increase fat oxidation which will jump start a weight loss plateau.

Using a detox tea will help to remove and eliminate contaminates allowing your body to be fueled by healthy nutrients from better foods. Detox teas are a very good way to regulate your appetite, improve metabolism, and promote good digestion. They also provide you with a variety of antioxidants which promote a healthy immune system.

Most important things that detox teas do is to remove waste from your gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract. The whole idea is to remove the bad and start fueling your body with healthy nutrients that burn fat in a more effective manner.

Some teas are better than others. For example, green tea includes antioxidants called catechins that focuses on fat cells in the abdominal area. Fat is burned more effectively by producing energy. Mint tea helps suppress hunger; therefore, drinking mint tea will help suppress your appetite. Lastly, green tea, oolong tea and roobios actually block adipogenesis, which is the formation of fat cells. Therefore, drinking them will help keep your waistline at bay.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to use detox teas in the correct manner and understand that detoxing is healthy and productive if it is used correctly. Add our ASAPSKINNY Detox Teas to your normal healthy diet to promote weight loss effectively starting today!


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